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Our Teachers Up Apprenticeship employs and trains young adults for their future career, especially as educators.

  • Over 100 Apprentices and credentialed Youth Development Specialists employed in twelve school-based afterschool programs in four South Carolina school districts.
  • Over $1 million in wages earned by our Apprentices last year.
  • Over 1200 children mentored daily by our Apprentices last year.

Apprentices work in outcome-focused youth development programs after school and during the summer building a strong foundation of work skills, including dependability and teamwork on the job.

Our programs are designed to prepare Apprentices for all careers but especially teaching.

Most are working their way through college. Therefore, our apprenticeship provides career-learning and earning with a schedule that supports college-going, study, and campus life.

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Teachers Up Apprentices are:

  • Trained in proven, best-practice youth development.
  • Employed in outcome-focused afterschool programs.
  • Effective mentors to young people in group, school-like settings.

A Teachers Up Apprentice:

  • Is trained via youth development experience and learning over a two-year period.
  • Earns US Department of Labor certification as a Youth Development Specialist at completion.
  • Will be more competitive and connected for their first job, especially jobs in education.

Teachers Up Apprenticeship Program:

  • Recruits
  • Trains
  • Employs
  • Certifies Apprentices for US Department of Labor credentials
  • Leases apprentices to afterschool providers in Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties
  • Enables providers to employ and train their own Teachers Up Apprentices


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